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01. Anna Paola CONTI, Italy
The Restoration  Work of   Willa  Ficana   a Raw Earth  Quarter in  the   of  Town  Macerata.

02. Anna Paola CONTI, Italy
The  Restoration  work   an  earthern  rural  house in   the   march  region- restoring  and  didactic  work.

03. ¹Hanifi BİNİCİ ¹M.Metin KÖSE, ¹Hüseyin TEMİZ, ²Bilge IŞIK; ¹Kahramanmaraş Sutcu Imam University, Department Civil Engineering, Kahramanmaras, Turkey, 2Istanbul Technical University, Department of Architecture, Istanbul, Turkey
Mechanical properties of clay with fibres used in mud bricks

04. Alexander TETIOR, Moscow State University of Environmental Engineering, Russia
Earth as important part of ecological construction

06. N. Çini¹, Tulay TULUN¹, Bilge IŞIK²,  ¹ Technical University of Istanbul, Faculty of Science and Letter, Maslak 34469, İstanbul, Turkey, ² Technical University of Istanbul, Faculty of Architect, Taşkışla, İstanbul, Turkey
An Archaeometric Study on a Hımış Type Old House from Central Anatolia

07. Theophilus SHITTU, Centre for Earthen Architecture, University of Plymouth, United Kingdom
The Challenges of Continuity of Traditions: A Case of Hausa Earth Roof Construction in Northern Nigeria

08. K.S. ABDURASHIDOV, A.A.TULAGANOV,S.S.KASIMOVA, K.PIRMANOV, U.ABDURASHIDOVA, Tashkent Institute of Architecture and Construction, Uzbekistan
Seismic Stability  of Individual House From Local Clay Material

09. Om Prakash JOSHI, India
Learning from Local Knowledge

10. And AKMAN, Turkey
The Concept of "in situ structures" and The Spirituality of Earthen Architecture

12. Aisha A. ALMANSURI¹, Steve CURWELL², Research Institute for the Built and Human Environment, University of Salford, UK
The Effects of Climate Design in the Formation of Traditional Libyan Houses

13. Tuğşad TULBENTCI, Near East University, Department of Architecture Faculty of Architecture, Cyprus
Mechanised and Improved Construction Technology for the Gypsum Stabilized Earthen (Adobe) Construction Material

14. Nazun WANKWOR, Federal University of Technology, Yoladamawa State, Nigeria
The Efficacy of African Shrubs and Herbs in Earth Material Stabilization for Quality Low-Cost Houses in Developing Countries

15. Nazun WANKWOR, S. C. O. A. EZEJI, Federal University of Technology, Yola Adamawa State, Nigeria; University of Nigeria, Nsukka Enugu State, Nigeria
Blending Traditional Earth Building Practices and Construction Standards Requirements to Build Capacity for Public Acceptance of Earth Buildings in Developing Countries

16. Fane YAMOUSSA,
L'architecture  traditionelle au Mali ,cas de Djenne

17. Muhsin HIDIROV, Girne American University, Cyprus
Climate Responsive Design in Near East and Central Asian Traditional Architecture

18. Hasseye Boba MAHMOUD, Tombouctou Mali
Consolidation et conservation de construction en terre

20. Ivana ZABICKOVA, Eleonora CERMAKOVA, Brno University of Technology; CZ
Earthen buildings from the point of view of geomagnetic field of Earth optimalisation

21. Nail ÖZLÜSOYLU, Cyprus International University, Cyprus
Follow up Lost Cultures of Cyprus; Case Studies from Sandallar

22. Fereshteh HABIB, Cyprus International University, Cyprus
Recreative criterias in Urban settlements

23. Zeref BİRSEL, Cyprus International University, Cyprus
Conceptual Design  in Cyprus  due to Natural Ventilation

24. Batuhan BAYRAMOGLU, Cyprus
The Application of the Traditional Building Materials in the Contemporary  Architectural Design

25. Razzokov Abdurauf RAHIMOVICH, Tajikistan
Monument Sarazm (4-3 millennia B.C. Central Asia)

26. Horst SCHROEDER, Ulrich Roehlen, Franz Volhard, Bauhaus-University Weimar, Germany
The German Standards for Building with Earth

27. Ürün BİÇER, Yekta ÖZGÜVEN, Yıldız Technical University, Turkey
Adobe Usage in Mediterranean Archeology: Housing Typhologies Of Adana

28. Çağla Nezahat SARAC, Bilkent University, Turkey
The Concept of Sustainability in the Context of Built Heritage Management

29. Elham LASHKARI, Azad Islamic University, Tehran, Iran
Sustainable Development in Earthen Urbanism and Architecture in Iran Hot and Arid Zone

30. Tulay ESINa, İzzet YÜKSEKb, aGebze Institute of Technology, bKırklareli University, Turkey
An Ecological Outlook on the Adobe Houses in Rural Architecture of Thrace Region

31. Rasool VATANDOUST,
Earthen Technology in the World  Heritage Sites  of Chogha  Zanbil in Southwestern  Iran

32. Samah O. DJOBO, Center of Construction and Housing (CCL), Cacavelli, Togo
Advances in Research: Protection of the Earthen Walls (Adobe)

33. Maddalena ACHENZA,
Conservation and Restoration of Sardinian Popular Architecture - Earthen Building

34. Z. Hale TOKAY, Mimar Sinan Güzel Sanatlar Üniversitesi, Turkey
An Architectural Tradition from East-Mediterranean Region, Light-Weight Adobe Constructions: "Huğ House"

39. Cahit KOCAMAN, Emel DEMIROK, Fikret KURAN, Earthquake Research Department / General Directorate of Disaster Affairs
The Behavior of Adobe Buildings During Earthquakes In Turkey And Bala Earthquakes As An Example

40. Andrew THOMSON¹, David POPE² and Pete WALKER, ¹ Dept. Architecture & Civil Engineering, University of Bath, Bath, UK; ² Dept. Architecture & Civil Engineering, University of Bath, Bath, UK; ³ Director, BRE Centre for Innovative Construction Materials, Dept. Architecture & Civil Engineering, University of Bath, Bath, UK.
Erosion characteristics of rammed earth

41. Letizia DIPASQUALE, Saverio MECCA, Silvia ONNIS, INN-LINK-S Research Center,University of Florence, Italy
Earthen Beehive Domes of Northen Syria

42. Oti, J.E.; Kinuthia, J.M.; Bai, J., University of Glamorgan, Pontypridd, UK
Development of Innovative Low Carbon Unfired Clay Bricks

43. Turgay SALİHOĞLU, Near East Univetsity, Cyprus
Ecological Architecture and Adobe

44. Sinem ÇAKIR, Aydan HACALOĞLU, Bilge IŞIK, Turkey
Energy Effecient Building in Cyprus

45. Marcial BLONDET, Julio VARGAS, Alvaro RUBINOS, Pepi PATRON, Milo STANOJEVICH, Catholic University of Peru and Care-Peru
A human development approach for the construction of safe and healthy adobe houses in seismic areas

46. Resmiye SAĞSEN, Turkey
New Hımış building in Ordu, Turkey

48. Randolph LANGENBACH, USA
Ancient and Modern Earthen Construction in an Earthquake: The Example of Bam, Iran in 2003

49. Kevan HEATHCOTE, Gregory MOOR, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia
Comparison between Theoretical and Field Thermal Performance of Lightweight Earth Blocks (TTimbercrete)

55. Caner GÖÇER
Evaluating Adobe External Walls and External Walls Using on Reinforce Concrete Frame Systems for Heating Energy Consumption

56. Gaia BOLLINI, Isidoro Parodi, Novi Ligure Department of Territorial Management and Urban Planning , Italy
The Earth Lands Program: a strategy  for local Earthen architecture restoration and territorial Sustainable development

57. Gaia BOLLINI, Italy
The industrialised adobe manufacture and the specific testing protocol in the Villaficana (Macerata, Italy) restoration

58. Nurbanu Tosun SOYEL, Zekai ALTAN TRNC Ministry of Economy and Tourism Planning_Bureau,Cyprus
Eco-tourism Project; a Contribution to Sustainability in Island Condition

59. Özge ÖZBEKOĞLU, Cyprus
Revival of adobe for eco-turizm

60. Bilge IŞIK, Cyprus International University, Cyprus
Branding earthen architecture in northern Cyprus as cultural capital

63. İlkay FERIDUN, Cyprus
The use of earthen material in the vernacular buildings of Cyprus: Case studies of adobe based restoration work

65. Türker AKTAÇ, Chamber of Architects, Cyprus
Restoration of Earthen Building on Zahra Street

67. Evren Yılmaz TEKIN¹, Ali GÖKMEN², ²Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey
A Straw Bale Building in Güneşköy Ecovillage-An Experiment in Ecological and Inclusive Design Process

68. Deniz Selkan POLATKAN, Turkey
Modeling and Installation of Photovoltaic Systems

69. Figen Orçun KAFESCİOĞLU, Murat KAFESÇİOĞLU, Gülşen ÖZAYDIN, Levent ÖZAYDIN Turkey
Sustainable rural living site model for Cumalıkızık

70. Wolfram JAEGER, Christian FUCHS, Dresden Technical University, Fed. Rep. of Germany
Work in Progress: Restoration and Reconstruction of World Heritage in Seismic Areas: The Sistani House in Bam, Iran

71. Marcial BLONDET, Catholic University of Peru, Care-Peru
Available low-cost technologies to improve the seismic  performance of earthen houses in seismic areas

72. Oluseyi ODEYALE, Nigeria
Architecture in the Service of Indigenous Earthworks in Africa - Concepts, materials and methods.