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July 6' 2005 Wednesday
08.30 09.15 Registration at Suleyman Demirel Cultural Centre, ITU Campus.
09.15 10.00 Opening Ceremony

Faruk Karadogan, Rector Of istanbul Technical University
Hugo Houben, President of CRATerre
Bilge Isik, Chair of Conference
10.00 11.30 Session 1: SEISMIC
Moderator: Hasan Boduroglu, Istanbul Technical University , Turkey

1147 Marcial BLONDET, Julio Vargas, Nicola Tarque, Catholic University of Peru , Peru
Building codes for earthen buildings in seismic areas: the Peruvian experience

1250 Goknil GURBUZ, Gulser Celebi , Gen. Directorate of The Bank of Provinces Dep. of Construction Affairs, Turkey Consideration of earth construction techniques in the context of earthquake resistance

1310 Daniel TORREALVA , José Acero , Pontificia University of Peru ,
Reinforcing Adobe Buildings with Exterior Compatible Mesh

1451 Serra Zerrin Korkmaz, Nazim Kocu, Ahmet Turer, Hasan Husnu KORKMAZ, Selcuk University, Konya, Turkey
Earthquake Damage Characteristics of Earthen-Adobe Houses


11.30 11.45 Coffee Break
11.45 13.00 Session 2: HERITAGE
Moderator: Hugo Houben, CRATerre, School of Architecture , Grenoble , France
Keynote Speaker: Cengiz Bektas, Architect, Turkey
Using adobe in contemporary construction

2104 Zeynep ERES , Istanbul Technical University , Turkey
Mud Brick Domed construction tradition in the Suruc Plain

2218 Hideo IZUMIDA , Toyohashi University of Technology , Japan
A Study on weight balance of Japanese timber framed house with Clay-wall, Clay bedded tile roof

2329. Giovanni Fontana ANTONELLI , Pietro M. Apollonj Ghetti, Mauro Bertagnin, UNESCO Consultant , Italy
TIMBUKTU From a world heritage site to a living city: Conservation practices and rehabilitation programs for the preservation of the earthen built heritage

2457 Ozlem ATALAN, Maltepe University , Turkey
Traditional Sigacik Houses


13.00 14.00 Lunch at Suleyman Demirel Cultural Centre Restaurant
14.00 15.30

Session 3: Materials & Technology (1)
Moderator: Gregory Moor University of Technology, Sydney-Australia
Keynote Speaker: Gregory Moor

3101 David Gelard, Laetitia Fontaine, Sandrine Maximilien, Christian Olagnon, Jean-Paul Laurent, Hugo Houben, Henri Van DAMM , Ecole Supérieure de Physique et Chimie Industrielles (ESPCI), France
Water and the cohesion mechanisms of earthen materials: Towards optimum water content for earthquake resistance

3219 Horst SCHROEDER , Thomas Schnellert, Thomas Heller, Thomas Sowoidnich, Bauhaus University, Weimar , Germany Moisture transfer and change in strength during the construction of rammed earth walls

3326 Georgia BEI, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki , Greece
Structural elements of earth masonry: Physical and mechanical properties of earth bricks and mortars

3433. Abdulkabil TULAGANOV, H.H. Kamilov, S.S.Kasimova, B.A. Tulaganov, Tashkent Architectural - Building Institute, Republic of Uzbekistan
Housing Construction with use of Clay Materials


15.30 15.45 Coffee Break
15.45 17.00

Session 4: Materials & Technology (2)

Moderator: Horst Schroeder DVL, Bauhaus-University Weimar , Germany

4139. Dicle AYDIN, Kerim Cinar , Selcuk University , Konya , Turkey
Using earth and Flora as a building material in Konya plain rural settlements-adobe & grassy earth

4245 Jan RUZİCKA, CTU Prague , Czech Republic
Influence of way of stabilization of unburned bricks on mechanical properties

4352 Ruhi Kafescioglu, Bilge ISIK, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey
Relevance of Earth Construction for Contemporary World and Alker -Gypsum Stabilized Earth

4459 Zerrin YILMAZ ,Gulten Manioglu, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey
Evaluation of Thermal Performance of Gypsum Stabilized Adobe (Alker) for a School Building in ISTANBUL


17.00 17.15 Coffee Break
17.15 18.45 Session 5: CODES & ECOLOGY
Moderator: Marcial Blondet, Catholic University of Peru

5131 Maddalena ACHENZA , University of Cagliari , Italy
National law for earthen architecture in Italy . Difficulties and expectances.

5238 Belgin TERIM, Izmir Institute of Technology , IYTE, Turkey
The Future of Earthen Materials in Turkey in the EU (European Union) Adaptation Period

5358 S. Mujdem VURAL, Ayse Balanli, Gokce Tuna Taygun, Yildiz Technical University, Turkey
Health effects of earthen building products

5465 And AKMAN, Turkey
Building biology and one bioclimatic - diagnostic examination

55 70 Philip KULLMANN , Hiss Reet EK , Germany
Reed and clay Modern construction materials with a traditional relationship


18.45 19.00 Free time
19.00 24.00 Transfer to Kurucesme, Bebek & Cruise Diner at Bosphorus
JULY 7' 2005 Thursday
09.00 09.15 Registration
09.15 10.45 Session 6: QUALITY & SUSTAINABILITY (1)
Moderator: Hossein Ayatollahi, School of Architecture , Yazd University , Iran

6124 Toshimasa KONISHI, Lingzhi Liu, Utsunomiya University , Japan
A Study on the design flexibility of Yao Dong underground welling in China

6237 Parisa SHAHMOHAMADI. Qazvin Islamic Azad University , Iran
Mud Brick as a Sustainable material in traditional architecture of IRAN

6342 Farzaneh SOFLAEE, Mehdi Shokuhian , Islamshahr Azad University , Iran
Environmental analyzes of courtyard in the sustainable architecture of hot-aired region

6443 K.S. JAGADISH, Indian Institute of Science , India
Experiments in earth construction in India

6544 Quentin WILSON , Kirk Higbee, Northern New Mexico College , USA
New Mexico USA : Where adobe is the premium building material

10.45 11.00 Coffee Break
11.00 12.15

Moderator: Bilge Isik, Istanbul Technical University , Turkey

7148 Faraz SOLEYMANI , Azad University , Iran
Bricks as Achilles' heel of Iran 's contemporary architecture

7261 Zafer Akdemir, Dilek Eksi AKBULUT, Sevgul Limoncu, Mujdem Vural, Gokce Tuna Taygun ,Yildiz Technical University, Turkey
The effects of adobe material on architectural forms of Anatolian vernacular houses, West Black Sea Region

7363 Nahid MOHAJERI , Islamic Azad University , Tehran South Branch , Iran
Environmental Impacts and compatible urban design (Case Study Of Bam Citadel)

7468 S. M. Hossein AYATOLLAHI , Yazd University , Yazd , Iran Preserving the traditional "Wind Catchers" to preserve the urban identity ( Yazd Iran )

12.15 13.15 Lunch at Suleyman Demirel Cultural Centre Restaurant.
13.15 14.45 Session 8: CONSERVATION & RENOVATION
Moderator: Abdolrasool Vatandoust, Director, Research Center for Conservation of Cultural Relics (RCCCR), Tehran , Iran

Keynote Speaker: Abdolrasool VATANDOST , RCCCR

8111 Syhrul Nizam KAMARUZZAMAN, R. E. Edwards , University of Manchester , England
Current Situation of Heritage Buildings In Malaysia

8212 Ivana Žabicková , Brno University of Technology , Czech Republic
Earthen Architecture in Czech Republic 2005

8346 Shohre SHAHNOORI, Technical University of Delft , Netherlands
Reconstruction and restoration of the desert city of Bam in respect to seismic aspects

8462 Zafer Akdemir, Sevgul LiMONCU, Dilek Eksi Akbulut, Yildiz Technical University , Turkey
Application of adobe materials according to regional differences in Anatolian Settlement


14.45 15.00 Coffee Break
15.00 17.00 Workshop
15:00 15:15 Meeting at Alker Pilot Building
Istanbul Technical University , Ayazaga Campus
15:15 15:30

Opening Remarks, Objective of the Workshop
Documents delivery

Prof. Dr. Hasan BODUROGLU, ITU
Asistant Prof. Dr. Pinar OZDEMiR, ITU
Earthquake response of the building

15:30 15:45 Alker stabilization Technology
Dr. Bilge ISIK,
Project Coordinator, ITU
15:45 16:30 Production of Alker
Omer KURT, Civil engineer, NUROL Construction
Hakan ALTAN, Civil engineer, OMSA Construction
16:30 16:45 Refreshment
16:45 17:00 Outlining and Concluding Remarks
17:00 17:30 Questions and Contribution
17.30 18.00 Transfer to venue
18.00 18.30 Transfer to Sultanahmet Square , the old city part of Istanbul
18.30 20.00 Free time at Sultanahmet Square
20.00 24.00 Diner at Blue House Restaurant

Conference Presentation Program

Information to Presenters

Post Conference Tour

Catalhoyuk and Cappadocia open-air museums.
07.00 Departure from Istanbul
09.30 - 10.00 Tarakli / Göynük town visits
10.00 - 15.00 Bolu - Ankara - Aksaray
15.00 - 15.30 Lunch break at the Orhan Agacli service area at the crossroads of Aksaray
16.30 Arrival at Cappadocia. (Total 675 km.)
16.30 - 24.00 Visits - Urgup and around / Dinner and stay at Mustafa Hotel, Urgup
07.00 Departure from the hotel after the breakfast.
07.30 - 10.00 Ihlara Canyon & coffee break at the Orhan Agacli service
10.00 - Arrival at Cumra. Visit to Catalhoyuk. (245 km.)
13.00 - Back to Konya & Lunch
14.00 - Visit to Konya Mevlana Museum
16.00 - 24.00 Free time / Dinner and stay at Hilton Hotel, Konya
JULY 10' 2005 SUNDAY
07.00 Departure from the hotel after the breakfast.
15.30 Arrival at Istanbul
COST : € 120 per person twin share
€ 30 single room supplement; including breakfasts and dinners, guide and entry to all attractions.
*Official Conference Organizer reserves the right to rearrange the order of the tour itinerary, to cancel or to substitute elements of any plan without notice when local conditions force such changes.