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( The list is prepared in numerical order.)

01. David Gelard, Laetitia Fontaine, Sandrine Maximilien, Christian Olagnon, Jean-Paul Laurent, Hugo Houben, Prof.Henri Van DAMM, CRATerre- EAG, France
Water and the cohesion mechanisms of earthen materials: Towards optimum water content for earthquake resistance

02. Neel Kemal CHAPAGAIN, University of Hawaii, Manoa, Hawaii
Living in Lomanthang : An Earthen Walled City in the TransHimalayan Region of Nepal

03. Steve BURROUGHS, University of New South Wales, Australia
Relative importance of soil properties and stabilizer treatments to the strength of rammed earth wall construction.

04. Zeynep ERES, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey
Domed mud brick buildings of the Surug Basin

05. Tom WOOLLEY, Queens University Belfast, Ireland
Buildings from hemp and earth composites

06. Silvia de SCHILLER, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina
The framework of Sustainable Building

07. Akanho Chakirou TOUKOUROU,POTEMAT, Ecole Polytechnique d’Abomey Calavi,Benin
The compressed earth block and alternative housing in Benin country case of scholl at GBEE village

08. Maria Auxiliadora Afonsa ALVANRENGA, Fundaçao IBI, Brazil
The Earthen Cities in Brazil – Oul Preto and Diamantina

09. Vasilios MANIATIDIS, University of Bath, England
Numeriacal Modeling of Rammed Earth Using Tiraxial Test Data

10. Marcial Blondet, Mary Hardy and Gladys Villa García, Daniel Torrealva, Catholic University of Peru
The use of polymer mesh for reinforcing historically significant adobe buildings in seismic areas.

11. Syhrul Nizam KAMARUZZAMAN, R E Edwards, , University of Manchester, England
A study of current preservation and conservation situation in Malaysia

12. Ivana ZABIKOVA, Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic
Earthen Architecture in Czech Republic 2005

13. Y. S. Abdullah Al-Busaidi, Oman
Earthen Architecture, its Sustainability for the environment in the Sultanate of Oman

14. Kodir Ruziev, Ikrom KHADJIEV, Tashkent Architectural-Building Institute, Uzbekistan
Improving the load-bearing ability of earth walls

16. Peeyush SEKHSARIA, DPEA Earthen Architecture,CraTerre, France
The Re-plastering of the mosque of Djenne: Apeoples Celebration

18. Hideo IZUMIDA, Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan
Weight and Weight Balance of Japanese clay - walled and timber framed house

19. Horst SCHRODER, Bauhaus University, Weimar, Germany
Moisture transfer and strength development during construction of rammed earth walls

21. Enrico FODDE, UNESCO Consultant, Italy
The vernacular earthen building tradition of Sardinia : Cultural and conservation question.

22. Nurhayat DEGIRMENCI, Balikesir University, Turkey
Utilization of By- Product Gypsum in Adobe Stabilization

23. Anna Paola CONTI, Italy
Villa Ficana, recent history of an ancient earthen quarter from recognition of earthen architectures value to restoration

24. Toshimasa KONISHI, Lingzhi LIU, Utsunomiya university, Japan
A Study an the Design flexibility of yao dond underground welling in China

25. Ersin DÜNDAR, Turkey
Read-Board and clay plaster

26. Dr.Georgia BEI, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
Structural elements of earth masonry: Physical and mechanical properties of earth bricks and mortars

27. Debbie WHELAN, Durban Institute of Technology, South Africa
Earthen Architecture; shifting the heritage focus from outsider to the implicated

28. Jean D’ARAGON, McGill University, Canada
Considering the vernacular, the traditional and the modern houses in front of the earthquake.

29. Pietro M. Apollonj Ghetti, Mauro Bertagnin, Giovanni Fontana Antonelli, UNESCO Consultant, Italy
TIMBUKTU From a world heritage site to a living city: Conservation practices and rehabilitation programs for the preservation of the earthen built heritage

30. Wilkie B.DEHMEN, National Historical Institute, Repulic of The Philippines
Conservation in Philippines

31. Maddalena ACHENZA, Universia di Cagliari, Italy
A national law for earthen architecture in Italy: Difficulties and expectances

32. Pamela JEROME, James CONLON, Colombia University, USA
Tarim : Earthen Heritage on the Verge..

33. H.H. Kamilov, S.S.Kasimova, B.A. Tulaganov, Abdulkabil TULAGANOV, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Housing Construction with use of Clay Materials

35. Orhan REMAN, Balikesir University, Turkey
Reinforcing adobe as a building material and applicable building model proposal for rural areas

36. Linda Watson, University of Plymouth,England
Conserving the identity of earthen settlements in South West England

37. Parisa SHAHMOHAMADI. Qazvin Islamic Azad University, Iran
Mud Brick as a Sustainable Material in Traditional Architecture of IRAN

38. Belgin TERIM, Izmir Yüksek Teknoloji University, Turkey
Ecological Construction in EU

39.Dicle AYDIN, Kerim Çinar, Selçuk University, Turkey
Using earth and Flora as a building material in Konya plain rural settlements-adobe & grassy earth

40. Mohammed Shariful ISLAM, Saitama University, Japan
Earthquake Resistant Reinforcement for Adobe Structures: Barkal Earthquake Experience

41. Mehdi Shokuhian, Farzaneh SOFLAEE, Islamshahr Azad University, Iran
Natural Cooling Systems in Sustainable Traditional Architecture of Iran

42. Mehdi Shokuhian, Farzaneh SOFLAEE, Islamshahr Azad University, Iran
Environmental Analyzes of Courtyard in the Sustainable Architecture of Hot-Aired Region

43. K.S. JAGADISH, Indian Institute of Science, India
Experiments in earth construction in India

44. Quentin WILSON, Northen New Mexico Community Collage, USA
New Mexico USA: Where adobe is the premium building material

45. Jan Ruzicka, CTU Prague, Czech Republic
Influence of way of stabilization of unburned bricks on mechanical properties

46. Shohre SHAHNOORI,Technical University of Delft, Netherlands
Reconstruction and restoration of the desert city of Bam in respect to seismic aspects

47. Julio Vargas, Nicola Tarque, Marcial BLONDET, Pontificia University, Peru
Building codes for earthen buildings in seismic areas: the Peruvian experience

48. Faraz SOLEYMANI, Iran
Bricks as Achilles’ heel of Iran’s contemporary architecture

49. Nima Ghamarian, Faraz SOLEYMANI, Iran
Three Ways Of Using Laser In Earthen Architecture Preservation

50. Gülser Çelebi, Göknil GÜRBÜZ , Iller Bankasi, Turkey
Consideration of earth construction techniques in the context of earthquake resistance

51. Serra Zerrin Korkmaz, Ahmet Turer, Nazim Kocu, Hasan Hüsnü KORKMAZ, Selcuk University, Turkey
Earthquake Damage Characteristics of Earthen-Adobe Houses

52. Ruhi KAFESÇIOGLU, Turkey
The reason for relevance of mud brick for contemporary architecture

53. Hüseyin ATESIN, Republic of North Cyprus
Earthen Buildings In Cyprus

54. Bilge ISIK, Istanbul Technical University,Turkey
New earthen buildings out of Alker in Turkey

55. Cahit Kocaman, Nejat BAYULKE, General Directorate of Disaster Affairs, Earthquake Research Dep. Turkey
Impulse table test of an Adobe Model House

56.1 Sükrü Yetgin, Ahmet ÇAVDAR, Karadeniz Technical University, Turkey
The Effect of the Straw Fibers Ratio on the Mechanic Strengthen of Loam

56.2 Sükrü Yetgin, Ahmet ÇAVDAR, Karadeniz Technical University, Turkey
The Infulences of Mixing Water and Porosity on the Variation of Loam’s Mechanic Strength

57. Özlem ATALAN, Maltepe University, Turkey
Sigacik Houses

58. Ayse Balanli, Gökçe Tuna Taygun, Müjdem VURAL, Yildiz Technical University, Turkey
Health Effects of Earthen Building Products

59. Gülten Manioglu, Zerrin YILMAZ, Istanbul Technical University,Turkey
Evaluation of Thermal Performance of Gypsum Stabilized Adobe (Alker) for a School Building in ISTANBUL

60. Victor ANANIAS, Bugday Association for Supporting Ecological Living, Turkey
MUD FOR LIFE: Recommendations for the Whole of Life

61. Zafer Akdemir, Sevgül Limoncu, Müjdem Vural, Gökçe Tuna Taygun, Dilek Eksi AKBULUT,Yildiz University, Turkey
The Effects of Adobe Material on Architectural Forms of Anatolian Vernacular Houses, West Black Sea Region

62. Zafer Akdemir, Dilek Eksi Akbulut, Sevgül LIMONCU, Yildiz Technical University, Turkey
Application of Adobe Materials According to Regional Differences in Anatolian Settlements

63. Nahid MOHAJERI, Islamic Azad University, Tehran South Branch ,Iran
Environmental Impacts and Compatible Urban Design (Case Study Of Bam Citadel)

64. Safak AGAR, Istanbul technical University, Turkey
Mechanical Properties of Alker

65. Ant AKMAN, Turkey
Building Biology and Bioclimatic- diagnostic Examination

66. Abdulgader Abufayed, Amer RGHEI, United Arab Emirates University, Al-Ain, UAE
The Joy of Living in Earthen Cities: A 21 st -Century Assessment and Prospects with Special Reference to the Historic City of Ghadames, Libya

67. Bilge ISIK, Kevser COSKUN, Istanbul Technical University ,Turkey
Applicationable of alker (gypsum stabilized earth) building material with shotcrete technique

68. S.M.Hossein Ayatollahi, Yazd University, Yazd, Iran.
Preserving the traditional "Wind Catchers" to preserve the urban identity

69. Rubens CARDOSO Jr., Edson of Mello SARTORI , Brazil
Precast Constructive System for Social Housing using Bamboo.